Friday, May 25, 2012


This week we had some performances.
Having now closed my contract here i wasn't cast in so much,
 that's just the way the cookie crumbles,
 if i'm not going to be around next year they don't want to teach me a role 
and then have to re-teach it to someone new if they perform it again next season.

 i still dance a little bit. 
One of the pieces i dance was in Thierry Malandain's Danses Qu'on Croises.
This ballet is not in pointe shoes and is not so technically demanding,
 in fact it is a short comedic piece that is more character driven than anything else.

It was actually quite a pleasure to go on stage and
 not to worry too much about the steps and instead just get lost in the character, 
not worrying how my technique is
or if i'm gong to make my pirouettes....

I've always enjoyed the acting side of ballet. 
I know some dancers struggle with it, but for me its always been one of the biggest pleasures. 

To go on stage and just be someone else.

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