Monday, May 28, 2012

Dress Stress.....

So, mostly i've been enjoying my wedding planning.
The internet seems to help, it requires very little human being contact,
and i hate to say it but cutting out having to deal with human beings is very pleasurable.

Give me a robot any day!

But, the last couple of days has seen some serious Dress Stress.
I'm not joking, Bridezilla appeared and she was not a pretty sight.
i'm that literally,
 i actually broke out into rash at one point yesterday whilst dealing with my dress maker.

As i mentioned before i decided to have my dress made.
i asked the Head of the Costume Department of the Opera House if she would make it,
and my big sister designed it from a collage of pictures that i sent her.

It didnt start off too well, when i couldn't get the dressmaker to actually come to any appointments that i had made with her. i and seriously re-considered and did a lot of looking at dresses on the internet and what not, but in the long run it was going to be cheaper making it here, and also, after having the option of designing my own dress, the thought of buying one of a rack seemed so disappointing.

So eventually the dressmaker started working.
But let it please be known that my dressmaker only speaks Russian.
This has made the whole process even more difficult as it means i have had to entirely rely on a friend of mine to come to every fitting with me....poor girl....
Although it has been handy that i can just pop in and check the progress of the dress between rehearsals.

The dress was meant to be finished 5 days ago 
because i will fly home this week and plan to take the dress with me.
Knowing the dressmaker and her typical way of working is to finish everything at last minute (its not uncommon to be handed costumes the day of performance), i gave her a deadline a couple of days before i actually needed it.

So on thursday , they day it was meant to be finished, it was not remotely finished.
I told her she could extend it to Sunday.
So on Saturday i went for a fitting and it was beginning to look like an actual dress (beginning)
and yesterday when i went to pick it up.....

well lets just say it wasnt finished.
Bridezilla appeared.
Things were sewn in angry haste.
The dress is unfiitting and unprofessional looking.

In fact i've booked an appointment with another dressmaker to undo some of the botch ups.

I had to go in this morning and buy extra material and wait whilst she made another part of the dress,
now 6 days after the initial deadline

I fly out tomorrow and i thought i would have a finished dress, 
i currently have pieces of dresses, 
some that need to be refitted, some that still need to be attached....
ect ect...

I'm mainly sad because i think picking up my dress should be a happy exciting experience,
and the moment it makes me so upset and angry that i cant even look at it.
its in the suitcase and i dont want to see it again until i've calmed down,
and then i hope that i will like it again,
as currently all the excitement has been drained out of me.

I havent paid her the full amount of money that we agreed on,
but she doesnt know that yet, 
and thats something i'm going to have to deal with later....

after all tomorrow is another day....

(although i must say, through out it all and all my stresses, 
real ones or over-exaggerated ones my fiancee has been amazing.
 He calms me down and doesnt make me feel like i'm crazy nuts 
and i'm so happy i'm not scaring him away!!!!!)

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