Thursday, May 3, 2012

getting to know you....

since around the time of our wedding Captain Tim isnt going to be able to take too much time off work 
we are planning a mini-moon directly after the wedding before we can get our full honeymoon
later on in the year.

Just a few days alone in a cottage in the Scottish Highlands.

So we've looked into quite a few places.
Some too expensive
Some not rural enough.
ect. ect.

We whittled it down to three possibilities, 
and have started writing back and forth to them to find out more about their rentals.

One in particular we like because it was on a llama farm.
Not that either of us are particularly animal people, 
more just because i like the thought of telling people i'm going to a llama farm.

We wrote to them a couple of times,
 to be honest their reviews on tripadvisor werent the best so we asked 
for them to 'defend' some of the things that were written there.

After being fully satisfied with their answers
 we asked if we could book our mini-moon.

To which they replied to us,
if we really wanted to they would book us in, 
but hadnt we ever thought about going to Greece on our honeymoon? t
he weather is nice and the people there are much friendlier.



I'm sure they would like us if they got to know us.

(p.s thanks for all your lovely comments on the last post)

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  1. We also had a mini-moon, but even shorter than yours :) We got married this january and really, only had a 'honeyday' it was amazing :D All the best!!