Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Captain and Me....the day we met...

i thought its about time i catalogued some of me and my finance's
 (still cant get used to that) important moments.
I'm a terrible diary keeper and have never actually written any of it down, and i have a feeling i better do so before my memory paints its even more different than it already has.
whenever i write down things about the two of us and send it to Captain Tim, he always disagrees with my 'versions' of things. But he does have an appalling memory that i would never trust in a million years....


It was December. 
It was raining.
A lot.

I remember i had left an activity at my church a bit early to go to My French Friends (MFF) birthday party.
I didnt really know where the bar was where i was meant to be heading and i remember walking through the rain, it was a dark evening. I came across the old roman wall which i had heard existed in Ljubljana but had yet to see.
Finally i found my destination.

I didnt know anyone at the party other than The Birthday Boy.
We had met in a Beginners Slovene class about 9 months earlier.
Not knowing anyone meant a lot of introductory small talk all night long, i hate that, dont you?

After having been there a while i heard an English accent. Having live in slovenia now for nigh on 4 years this was the first British sounding voice i had ever really heard there. I honed in on it and made conversation.

Also rather happy at finding a fellow Brit he excitedly asked me the question, 'Don't you just miss salt and vinegar crisps?' 
i dont particularly like salt and vinegar crisps so the answer was no.

He had a girl with him, a tiny little girl who was writing a dissertation on the lingustics of translating Harry Potter into Russian, or something like that She tried to get me to join her choir.
To this day i've never been able to get any solid information out of Tim as to who this girl was when asked....hmmmmm....

I remember i was wearing my brown long sweater. I know this because i was nervously playing with my amber beads which i only ever wear with that sweater. i know this because i remember him making fun of me for playing with them.

It ended up just the four of us with everybody else having headed home.
Me, MFF, Captain Tim and the Harry Potter girl.

We stood outside in the rain under two umbrellas to wait for the taxi.
Me and MFF under one umbrella. Captain Tim and Harry Potter girl under the other.

In the taxi Captain Tim sat in the front.
The mood was jolly and happy with the others being jovial and a little bit tipsy.
We dropped off the Harry Potter girl.
I remember Captain Tim jestily ripping into the taxi driver who at one point Captain Tim congratulated on 'making an excellent 24 point turn'.

Tim got out next.
MFF started flirting with me in the back of the taxi as we headed towards my house.
I thought it was a little strange as he had never shown me any hints of being interested in me before,
and i really hadnt thought about him in that way at all, but what the heck, 
i put it down to his slight intoxication.

I got out and went home happy having met a fellow Brit in Slovenia. 

Seeing as neither of can remember when we actually had our first date (sometime in May)
 we hold that day as our 'anniversary' mainly because 
facebook reminds us its our French Friends birthday.

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