Monday, May 21, 2012

The Captain and Me....First Date....

After the new years party i didnt see Captain Tim again for a long time....
like 5 months.
Honestly i didnt even give him so much as a thought.
I was preoccupied.

And then one afternoon I called up My French Friend and met him for lunch,
it had been a while since i had seen him too.
Over lunch i tried to persuade told him to climb Smarna Gora,
a local hill/mountain with me. in Slovenian there is a word that describes something between a hill and a mountain, its a whole other entity, i think we need that word
but okay okay, its more of a hill than a mountain, but for a girl who never hikes it was a mountain.

He told me that Captain Tim often went there to climb maybe i should go with him.

i forgot about it afterwards....
until a few weeks later the new Star Trek movie was coming out and i wanted to go see it.

i'm the kind of gal who goes to the movies alone, i enjoy it, i dont feel the need to go in a group or with someone.....but sometimes there are movies that if you went to see alone then you would feel like a proper looser, Star Trek for me falls into that category.

Having recently just watched some of the old movies i had really gotten into
 it and was looking forward to seeing it but new i couldnt go alone. 
i also new that i would have to find the right person to ask to go with me....
i mean i recognise that Star Trek is an acquired taste, 
but then i remembered that Captain Tim on his wall in his apartment 
had a framed picture of Star Wars...
anyone who has  a framed Star Wars picture is a good bet right?

i was right.
i texted him and asked if he wanted to go.

So technically i asked him out on our first date, although at the time it was a completely unromantical invite....if i actually fancied a guy i would never in a million years ask him out.

He said yes and also said that My French Friend had mentioned to him that him that i wanted to climb Smarna Gora so why didnt we do that before hand.

So we did.

It was quite funny, about 6months into dating we re-climbed Smarna Gora,
 and  we climbed it in double the time we climbed it in on that first date.
 Both of us had been rushing up to the top, trying to impress the other that we were fit and healthy, 
both of us actually wanting to slow down and gasp for air, we laughed about it in hindsight.

We climbed the mountain (ok, mini-mountain)
Went to the movies.
Went for Mexican food 
and ate ice cream on a stolen boat

and still at the end of it i didnt fancy him,
but i did have a great time.

And i guess thats good, because when i fancy a guy, i normally do and say stupid things. 
i screw it up.
i crack under the pressure.

it took me a little bit longer to realise that being this happy and relaxed around a person so quickly and easily  is a good thing, and maybe i should pursue it further....

i'm glad we did!

(photos from our first date...sometimes i'm glad i carry my picture everywhere with never know what memories you might inadvertently capture)

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  1. It's lovely hearing how you met. I like these stories.