Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Captain and Me.....Chocolate Cake

Somewhere in the next few weeks that followed 
our unofficial first date i started to fancy Captain Tim

I dont remember how many times we met inbetween 
but i still remember that day that turned it around for me.

And that day had a lot to do with chocolate cake.

i cant remember why, 
but for some reason we had decided at some point that we had to go eat cake.
 it was definitely my idea.
oh i remember now,
 it was because he had never been to Svezda....
only the best cake shop in Ljubljana.

so one Saturday he texted me and reminded me that we had a 'cake date'
 i remember asking him if he was taking me for cake or we were baking a cake, 
as i couldnt remember the agreement.
 He said we could do both.

Well let me tell you for starters that was a good answer to begin to muzzle your way into my heart.

i remember the moment.
 we were sitting in the cafe, 
and we had both ordered slices of different chocolate cakes
 and his cake was way better than mine...
and so i proceeded pretty much to eat all of his cake after whilst simultaneously devouring mine...
and he didnt mind a bit.

And i distinctly remember thinking to myself,
'Wow, i could actually really like this guy'

Oh yes, i am that easy.
the secret to the enigma of dating Rebekah is out there,
let me eat your slice of chocolate cake along with my own and i'm all yours.

Then we went shopping for ingredients to make chocolate brownies.

But let me warn you, 
this was back before i had any real interest in baking or cooking,
in fact if i recall rightly i went into the supermarket 
and guessed what ingredients might be in a Brownie 
and then we went back to his place and i mixed up the ingredients by the ratio
 of what were my favourite ingredients (sugar and chocolate) 
against what i didnt like so much (flour).

Oh yes they were a disaster.
And yet.....
he kindly told me that the plate of cooked chocolate sugar was great, 
and proceeded to eat the whole thing.

And yet again, 
i thought....
'hmmmmm....he's quite nice'

Enigma no.2-
Eat my crappy cooking with genuine enough 
zeal and i'm yours.


  1. That chocolate cake looks divine!

    This is really weird, since we have never met, but I saw 'la sylphide' at the Royal Opera House last night and it made me think of you. Perhaps it was ballerinas dressed in kilts (the scottish connection?) but it did!

    How long have you got left before 'retirement'?

    1. i've always wanted to dance Slyphide, in fact my last ballet company performed it just after i left...i was guttted!

      a month and a bit to go.....i'm so busy with wedding planning that i've barely noticed it though..i think that's a good thing!