Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Captain and Me...The Inbetweeners....

It was 5 months after our first meeting and before our first date....
i guess it wasnt love at first sight.

There were two Inbetweeners.

The first time we met inbetween was when MFF
 had a dinner party and we were both invited.
This was only a couple of weeks after our initial meet.

let's just say things had gotten a bit awkward between me and MFF.
i think he had invited me to the dinner party not really expecting me to come 
(in fact he planned it when i was working but then i got injured and 
had some free time at the last minute)
but i wanted to go to try and resume our 'normal friendship level'.

needless to say it was all a bit awkward, 
but what i do remember was when Captain Tim arrived
i sat up on the couch i had been lounging around on 
and was exceedingly happy that he had arrived.
it felt like a breath of fresh air in the stagnated room.

I dont remember many other details about the night
(other than i had to tell MFF that i didnt eat fish which 
of course the only thing he had cooked...
cue more awkwardness)
But i do remember at one point someone saying to me and Captain tim,
'you two are made for each other'

Which of course produced an awkward silence in the room,
and me thinking....really?

Captain Tim drove me home that night.
Apparently (he told me at a later date) he thought he was going to get a goodnight kiss as i left the car.
Which i scoff at him for because the thought didnt even cross my mind....
not once....

The second time we met was again just a couple of weeks later
Captain Tim called me up to know if i knew of any hip 
New Year Parties to go to...
it was the day before New Years Eve and i had pretty much decided that that year my New Years plans would be to go to bed early
(I'm not a fan of the New Year celebrations, it just doesnt resonate in me)

Telling him no,
he then decided to throw a mini-party at his 
house as he had some fellow Brits in town for a visit he needed to entertain and invited me along.
Having already declared that i was plannless 
i didnt have any excuses to turn him down,
so i went along,

i had my friend call me at half past midnight to 'invite' me to a party at her house if 
i needed an escape route.

Turns out i didnt.

( i just found pictures from the New Years Party on fbook)

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