Sunday, August 7, 2011

The wise words of Kevin Costner....

I have a little notebook that i occassionally write down quotes in.
I like to write them down on random pages
and yesterday i came across this one that i'd forgotten about,
a quote from the lovely Kevin Costner,

"Real heroes are men who fall and fail and are flawed,
but win out in the end because
they stayed true to their ideals and beliefs."

and this comes from a guy who has played Robin Hood,
so he must be in the know.

And now, just whilst Kevin Costner is on my mind,
i'm going to put it out their and say how much i love pretty
much all his movies that i've seen,
The Postman,
which was such a box office failure.

i think i love it more because of that.
i'm thinking right now i might
watch me a bit of Waterworld....


  1. oh man do i LOVE kevin costner!!! truth is he was my first celeb crush! yup!!! robin hood prince of theives!!! i watched it so many times i accidentally recorded over a movie when robin hood was on telly! man oh man i was afraid i would be in sooo much trouble ;) ha the things we worry about when we're young.

    thanks for this-- quotes are my favorite.