Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The flavour of Scotland ....

so i'm not normally one of these people who
take pictures of their dinner and blog about their food....
normally i like my food in my stomach.

But today i was so excited by my lunch
that it was indeed photographed....
and then devoured.

Todays lunch was a haggis and black pudding roll.
The double-layered combination was immense.

It was like the flavour of Scotland
captured in a white buttered roll.

The only thing to i should have done to complete
the meal should have to have washed it down with some irn-bru,
(there's always a re-try tomorrow.)

The last time i got this excited about food was
when i had Fried Pizza and chips from the local chippy....

oh, wait,
that was last night....

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