Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Museum Shenanigans...

We didnt just go swimming when we went to The National Museum of Scotland,
We did many other exciting things....

Jordan practised his kissing technique on
Mary Queen of Scots tomb,
Brodie re-enacted for us what it would feel like if we
used the thumb crushers on liars
There were some seriously cool people dressing up renaissance style....

There was a very serious catapult competition....

met the taxidermied Dolly the Sheep....
Did moose impressions,
I learned that there are/were Giant Sloths that are the size of a giraffe.
I learned that i am the same weight as a Penguin
Elliott was so happy that there was something that had a sign saying,
'please touch' next to it.
He used it to its full advantage.
We went to outer space
I gave Brodie and Elliott lessons on how to pose like a mummy,
learned from my year in Egypt
some sections made me feel old,
like the mobile phone section
which had phones more up to date than the one i use

The only surviving quadruple bike in the world.
I dont know why it never caught on.
I went on Safari.....
with Georgia and Nana....
Elliott showed his breakdancing move called 'the shrimp'
and i'm so glad that Elliott looks miserable in this photo,
cause it reflects completely my feelings on Harry Potter....

all in all
a fun day out.


  1. Not a fan of mummies, they give me the heebie jeebies! Love that you can dress up though, this looks so fun! xo

  2. Love these photos! The museum looks like so much fun - I've been meaning to go since it re-opened last week but I think I might wait until after the festival/school holidays when hopefully it'll be quiet! x

    ps: my feelings are the same on Harry Potter!