Friday, August 26, 2011

Over the Rainbow.....

I've been on holiday in Turkey,
(sorry, lots of holiday photos will soon be coming....
whether you like it or not)

But i've also recently been reading a biography
of Judy Garland by David Shipman.

Its a sad story,
of a life of a woman who never felt good enough
and couldnt deal with the reality of herself
and the image she was supposed to portray in films.

She spent a life addicted to drugs
and full of insecurities mainly forced upon her
from the picture studio she was working for.

In fact reading it i see many similarities between
the biography of Marilyn Monroe who suffered
from nearly the exact same problems.....
and in fact today there are still movie and pop stars
who suffer and die from the same insecurities.

At any rate i wanted to share this video.

This is Judy in 1955,
the studios had stopped employing her for movies
because she was so erratic and she turned to stage shows,
and although she suffered from stage fright,
the instant gratification from the public pulled her through.

She is dressed in her tramp outfit from the previous song,
but for me this is Raw Judy,
not the Judy who i know from movies,
'the girl next door' who she never really was.....

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