Tuesday, August 2, 2011

30 years and 10 children.....

Yesterday was my parents 30th Wedding Anniversary.

Here are some lovely pics from that day all those years ago.....

My mum is a huge Gone With The Wind fan.....
So when buying her wedding dress she wanted
something that echoed Gone With The Wind

On her wedding day my dad,
knowing her love for G.W.T.W
looked at her lovingly and said,
'You look just like Melanie'.


My mother was mortifed,
who the heck wants to look like Melanie?
Everyone knows that Scarlett is the Southern Belle.

My dad you see had watched the film and disliked Scarlett
and thought that being called Melanie
who had a more beautiful character was more of a compliment.

At any rate,
it become an infamous story in our family,
and one of the few tid-bits that i actually know about their wedding day.

So i'm glad that it happened....

(and i'm totally with my mum on this one,
call me Scarlett over Melanie any day)


  1. Happy Anniversary to your parents! I love old wedding pictures :)

  2. Wow 30 years, congrats to your parents!