Friday, August 26, 2011

Turkey : Galipolli....

As mentioned,
the past week has been spent in Turkey.
Where i went to visit my Ex-ex-boyfriend
(yeah, if you can figure it out your about on
the same level of understanding as i am).

He had planned a 5 day trip driving
around Turkey to see some sights.

First Stop Galipolli.

Gallipoli is a place that i remember from my school history lessons,
we also watched the Mel Gibson movie in class as part of our learning,
watching-movie-learning was always my favourite.

A brief history on Gallipoli
is that it was the area where the Allies landed
(mainly Brits, Aussies and New Zealanders)
during WW1 on an attempt to control the Dardenelles,
an important piece of land that would have
opened up access to parts of Europe.

The plan was a disaster,
bad leadership alongside bad weather,
and dysentery in the trenches killed off most soldiers.

The only part of the plan that actual worked
was the Emergency Evacuation to get everyone out.

Now, its a mountainside filled with graveyards and war memorials.
Beaches with the occasional gun lookout still around.

And its also an incredibly beautiful place.

Especially at ANZAC cove,
this was the spot where the Australian/new zealanders landed
Its a beautiful piece of beach, over-looked by beautiful mountains.
Unfortunately not very tactical, and was landed on by mistake.

In fact, we stopped and admired the view for a
while not realising that this tranquil view we were looking
at was indeed ANZAC cove and the home
to so much pain and suffering.

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  1. this water is just gorgeous, i would love to travel there! i love your head piece as well!/_saratee