Saturday, August 13, 2011

Top ten things to do in Glasgow....

I went to Glasgow yesterday to attend an
Open Day at my old ballet teachers Gyrotonic Studio.
Deciding to make a day trip out of it with my sister Georgia i googled,
'Top ten things to do in Glasgow'.....
i normally find it gives me a good idea of what to do in a new place.

there wasn't really anything i fancied on any of the lists,
so here is one of my own that i have composited....

1) Trash Cans/ Garbage Disposal Units / Rubbish Bins
No matter what you dialect calls these,
Glasgow is bountiful in its amounts of these.
Have fun spotting ones with added decor....

2) Chippy Shop's Galore
Ye Olde Chip is a must do in Glasgow for a fine feast,
look at this delightful assortment of toppings and added extras you can get....
pickled eggs,
pickled onions,
pickled gherkins,
brown sauce,

3) Dodgy Little Alleyways
Always an excitement and thrilling adventure
travelling down the nooks and crannies of Glasgow,
never knowing if you'll come out alive.
4) Dining Al Fresco
So you maybe the only one sitting out in the rain....
more space for me i like to think.
5) Dangerous Piles of Rubble
A fingernail biting thing to see
dotted around the city,
be careful but enjoy!

6) Shops with great Variety
In Glasgow anything goes.....

7)Statue with cone on his head
I'm not sure what the reason for this is,
i think its just the Glasgow sense of humour,
but in all my very sporadic trips to Glasgow over the years
i have never seen this dude without his orange hat.
8) Okay....
so maybe i dont have 10 top things so i'm going to buffer a bit
with this accidental picture i took of mine and Georgia's feet
when i tried to take a conspicuous picture
and realised that the flash was on just as i pressed the button.
9) Amazing Fashion Spottings-
My favourite spot of the day was the all in one
bright yellow addidas tracksuit.

(feared for my life if i would take it,
he may have been wearing hot yellow but he still looked well hard )

10) Primark!!!!!!
I'm not kidding Primark is my most favourite shop....
next to Poundland.
Primark made the whole trip worth while.

(disclaimer -
dear Glasweegies...
please take this in jest
and do not chib me or give me any Glasgow Kisses)

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  1. Hahahahah! I will make sure to visit! My brother may be moving there soon, so I will print this guide out and give it to him :D