Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sailing Down The Nile....

Captain Tim the Sailor Man was very excited about getting to ride a felucca
(an egyptian sailing boat)down the nile.
No sorry, i phrased that wrong,
I was very excited about getting to ride a felucca down the nile,
Captain Tim was excited about sailing a felucca down the nile.

So we hired our felucca (at what i'm sure was double price because we were
feeling too lazy to haggle) and the minute we
hopped on board Captain Tim was bouncing around this way and that,
hoisting ropes and pulling rigs....or something sailorish like that.

At first the Captain of the felucca didnt know what
had hit him and tried to make Captain Tim sit down and leave his boat alone....and then he realised he was in for the easiest 70pounds
he had ever made, so he sat back and relaxed,
and for some reason insisted that i take a photo of him wearing my hat.....

when we got back to dry land all the other captains were
teasing him that he should be paying Tim for the ride and not visa versa

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