Thursday, September 23, 2010


Walking down the streets of Cairo is not an easy feat for a blonde
haired, blue eyed foreigner like myself.
Lets just say i can no longer walk around incognito.
Every Tom, Dick and Harry that i pass by has something to say to me, normally the three following phrases,

Welcome To Cairo
Where you from?
Whats you name?

Most of the time it doesnt bother me, its a cultural thing,
its what they say when a foreigner walks by,
occasionally its a little but more of a heckle and they take it a it further, in which case i'm normally a bit rude and abrupt and they then leave me alone.

Yesterday i was being rude and abrupt to a group of guys who had
i had to pass through on my way to work.
I grunted and passed without any further ado,
and the another guy came up to me and said, 'hey, hows it going?'
to whom i gave what can only be described as a Snarl....
(i was in a particularly bad mood after having
unsuccessfully trying to extract money from various ATM's).

He seemed slightly taken aback but said no more and kept on walking.
That was when i realised that he was walking in the same direction as me....yes.....he was definitely walking into the Opera House....oh dear, had i just offended one of my new colleagues? I haven't really got names and faces down yet.

And yes, in rehearsal later on, my normal dancer partner
being injured his replacement was no other than

'On the street you not friendly?'
i now turn pink with shame
'I'm so sorry, i didn't realise.....'
and then the music starts and we have to
dance and nothing more is said on the subject.

I hope he doesnt spread my reputation around as


  1. Whoops! I'd imagine Egypt is quite similar to Morocco in some ways. We got so much hassle from street vendors and locals wanting money that we got so used to ignoring people in Marrakech that when I got back to Scotland I was still doing it, with people thinking I was the rudest girl in the world. It took a couple of days for me to stop doing it!