Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Of course we went to the pyramids,
and Dashur

each were a bit different.

The ones in Giza were the most impressive to look at
but too many tourist and too many little people trying to get you to buy their wares
was slightly off putting and disturbed the beauty and amazing history of the place.

We had a fun experience in Saqqara
as the guide who we had hired to take us around was an archaeologist there
and managed to take us back behind the museum
to where they had some mummys that they had just excavated....

was pretty amazing to see some 'fresh' mummys lying next to the kitchen sink....
no pictures as they are not official catalogued yet.
Less tourists and less distruptions made it a more pleasant experience too.

Dashur was fun as there was no one else there and we truly felt like Indiana Jones climbing into the depths of the pyramid!


  1. I can't believe you wore a dress to the pyramids!
    I am so sorry I haven't got around to calling you yet! But I really want to attend your show! Which one are you performing in?

  2. i always wear dresses whenever i can, especially on special occasions like going to the pyramids!

    i'm rehearsing aida at the moment which will be performed at the pyramids but i dont know when it is....everything is done in arabic and i dont understand!