Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inside the mind of a bunny rabbit.....

I just finished re-reading one of my favourite books.
Watership Down by Richard Adams

I love re-reading my favourite books,
it's like a good recommendation that you know wont disappoint.
So when i was packing my suitcase to come here i popped in a couple of my favourites as i dont know how long its going to take me to find an english library/cheap bookshop here an i didn't want to be stuck with books that were rotten.

If you haven't heard of Watership Down its the story of a bunch of rabbits who leave their warren to find a new one.
It follows their adventures and struggles to survive.
What's so great about this book though is the characterisation of the rabbits, not only does Adams make you feel like he really knows
what its like to be a rabbit but each rabbit has such distinct personality
and humanness to them as well.

I'll admit that I cried at the epilogue whilst reading it last night.
Not because it was particularly sad,
but because it was simply beautiful.

I tired to remember if i cried last time i read it,
i couldn't remember but i hope that i did.


  1. I am guilty of reading White Oleander 10+ times, it's my all time fave. It too, makes me cry.

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