Friday, September 17, 2010

Pigeon Haggis....

On our trip to the market we stopped to
eat at what can only be described as a tourist trap restaurant....
but i was a tourist and therefore prime to be trapped,
i readily gave in when i saw pigeon on the menu, it tickled my taste buds.

and then it turned up and it looked like this.

and i asked Captain Tim where do you think they got the pigeon from,
which to he replied, 'well i dont see any on the streets'
which left my taste buds feeling slightly untickilish.

But then we managed to Pop it open (yes pop being the operative word)
and i discovered that inside was pigeon haggis.

just like us Scots cook sheep ofal and oats in a sheeps stomach and love to eat it, it seems the Egyptians seem to like to do the same with pigeon.

It was delicious, but i did leave Captain Tim to eat the liver/kidneys
and whatever other organs that were cooked inside, i'm not that hardcore.

and yes i've also tried camel,
it was good a bit like venison.


  1. Pigeon haggis? That's a new one on me! Good on you for feeling brave enough to eat it!

    When I was in Ljubljana, and still a meat-eater, I ate horse from a cafe called Hot Horse. It was surprising sweet, but quite chewy. I wasn't inspired to have it again, let's put it that way!


  2. hot horse!
    hehe....i was never quite brave enough there as it always smelt so greasy. i have had horse steak before though and it was delicious, tasted just like beef, actually i complained to the waiter because i thought he had brought me the wrong thing!