Sunday, September 12, 2010


So finally settled down at little bit,
got my self some internet connection,
an apartment
(which comes with 2 slightly unfriendly room-mates
and an occasional cockroach)

I'm now going to back up and show some pictures
of when I first arrived here in Egypt before stepping onto the daily mill of work....
taking some time to holiday!

First of all....
a trip to Ain Sukhna at the Red Sea.
Where Captain Timotehp taught me to snorkel.

Not being a fish fan (they scare me)
i loved it, although there were a couple of black and yellow ones that kept trying to eat me,
you should have heard me scream!

There were also some dolphins that kept swimming by...
which was pretty awesome too!

(the picture below is me trying to run away from fish that liked to eat me)
and this is a snorkel move that i'm trying to patent,
i like to call it the starfish.

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