Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My fiance is better than your fiance.....

Oh yes he is,
He is the shiz!
the Bees Knees,
and All That Jazz.

Yesterday he sat on a bus for 6 hours to take  me half-made 
wedding dress to London to the Wedding Dress Doctor.

He listens to my frequent melt downs 
(wedding related and non-wedding related)
and doesnt treat me like the crazy lady i really am.

He does lots of 'wedding duties' that he probably couldn't care less
about, but knows are important to me

He reminds me to say nice things to people 
when i'm feeling grumpy and want to said rude-in-your-face-things
to people who deserve it.

He plays daily online scrabble with me even though it 
may be his least favourite game in the world.

and i know that even know we are a million miles away,
next time we go into a shop together he will secretly buy me a Kinder-Egg 
because he knows it will make me smile.

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