Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Intensive Wedding Planning....

This week i flew into Scotland to meet up with my fiancée and do 4 days of intensive wedding plan.

Here's what we managed to do -

Apply for our wedding license
Meet with the Bishop who will marry us
Go and have a look at the reception hall we have booked
Meet with our caterer
Look into hotels near our venues for our wedding night.
Buy new bridesmaid dresses.
Have slight alterations made on the wedding dress
See the wedding venue (this almost didnt happen.....thankfully it all worked out)
Buy/reserve wedding rings.
Try on my veil.
Had some kilt fittings
(oh my goodness, i went crazy goo-ga-ga in 
the shop at how cute my fiancee looked in a kilt)
Introduce his mum to my mum

Plus we sneaked in a couple of trips to the cinema and a family bbq.

It was all a bit nerve racking, seeing as we had booked nearly all our wedding thall and church via the internet without having actually seen them first.

Thankfully they were both well beyond our expectations....phew!

Still quite a lot to be done....

Get the wedding dress finished (major disasters in this department)
Organise a dj for the evening
Organise a piper for the wedding...
Organise a cello player
Organise a singer/ukulele player  
(yes we are not doing well in the musical department)
Organise transport between venues.
Think about decorations (oh yes, we are still on the thinking stage in that area)
Find me an engagement ring (i'm way too picky)
Get guests to actually RSVP to us....

but its okay....still 95 days to go....


  1. I know someone that may be able to help you with wedding dress disasters ;) Let me know if you need help and i'll give her a shout.

    1. Oh yes!!!!
      its currently on its way to London for Alexis to try and salvage....fingers crossed!