Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More dress disasters....

After the great dress disasters that have already occured...
things with my dress dont seem to be getting much easier.

On arriving in Edinburgh the first thing i did was take my dress
(well parts of it) to a dressmakers to get them to refit it for
 me and replace the terrible zip that had been put on.

so i go into the shop and put the dress on and come out 
of the changing room to show the woman what need fixed.

She looked at me and said,
'I dont understand what is this....
Its so Ugly...
Is this your wedding dress?'

At which point already being in a pretty tender 
state i didnt know what to do.
I took the dress off as quick as possible and got out 
of the shop before i broke into tears.

I drove over to another dressmakers and in floods of tears tried to explain
 to them that i needed my dress fixed. 
The dress maker replaced the zip and had to adjust the fittings by 4cm.....
he couldnt believe that this was a dress that had supposedly been made for me.

So the refitted under part of the dress and all the other 
bits of unfinished pieces are now on their way to London 
where my sister is going to look at them to see what she can salvage out of my monstrosity.

Fingers crossed


  1. Oh god what a nightmare :/ finger crossed Alexis can save it! If not I told Mum about your dilemma and she said of course she'd help if you need her :)

    1. thanks becs!
      i wish i had thought about her a couple of days ago when i was in silly not to have!