Friday, June 8, 2012

The Bling Bling...

So on our to do list this week was find wedding rings.
My cousin Zina works in a jewellers so we brought her along with us. 
(and my little sister/bridesmaid Georgia (who it turns out is my biggest blog reader...
Shout Out To Georgia!)

The day before we had planned to meet up with Zina 
we casually passed some jewellery shops, 
and having a little bit of extra time decided to go in and have a look. 
I saw a ring i liked and tried it on....

it turned out after an intensive day where we visited pretty much every ring shop in Edinburgh 
(new and antique) that yes, i went back to the very first ring that i tried on....
oh dear....poor fiancee.

On the other hand my engagement ring is a whole different story...
i guess i wasnt really sure what i wanted, 
but i seemed to have at least narrowed it down after all the 
shops we went in and have a clearer idea of what i want.

In fact at one point i thought i had almost found it. 
we passed a shop we hadnt seen the day before and popped in 
and found a ring that was exceedingly cheap and also 
ticking quite a few other boxes. 
Being indecisive i decided to leave it and think about it. 
meeting up with my Nana later in the day i took her back to the shop
 to get her opinion on the ring....
only to find the shop had just shut.

I was so upset as i had decided that that was definitely the ring for me.
Just our luck, the owner of the shop was just leaving 
and i begged him to re-open the shop to have a look at the ring...
i told him i had changed my mind and now wanted to buy it.

And i tried it on and i said, Yes! i want it.
So he opened up his till again.....

and then No....
i decided i wasnt sure, so i scarped out of the shop as fast as possible 
with my tail between my legs and my head hung low.
Being an antique shop it may mean i ve lost my chance of the ring.....
but i think i have to love it....
like i did my wedding ring.

i think it has to be love at first sight....

So still engagement ringless
(my big sister was mortified that i am picking my own engagement ring,

its his choice she said.....hmmmm...maybe not)

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