Friday, January 20, 2012

Swan Graduation....

It's finally happened....
i finally feel like i've graduated into a fully fledged Swan

We've started on rehearsals for Swan Lake.....

My mother always tells me when i was a little girl i
dreamed of doing swan lake and she had to have tutu especially
made for me with feathers stuck to it as apparently
it wasnt a real tutu unless it had feathers on it.

Well after 10 years of doing Swan Lakes (and Nutcrackers)
I can tell you how fed up of it i am.
Mainly because all this beautiful music is being played
and there you are standing at the side of the stage playing musical statues...
wondering how you will be able to dance when
your music starts as you've been standing still so
long your muscles have cramped into that position
and your not sure that you can move them.

But this year for the very first time I'm not dancing in the corps de ballet.
Last year i danced Big Swans and but i also learned the corps de ballet,
but not this year...
this year i get to move to the music,
i get to actually dance to it.

I'm quite excited...

I would also like to berate the Common Joe Blogg

There are other ballets to be enjoyed than The Nutcracker and Swan Lake

Ballet companies get stuck doing them
year after year as they are the only ballets
that are guaranteed to pull in the punters.

Ballet-Goers of the world and First Timers....
open your horizon, go and see a ballet you have never heard of...

you might just be presently surprised....
then again you might not,
but how will you know until you try.


  1. Congrats on getting to dance:) I think the nutcracker and swan lake is the probably the only ballets I can mention:)