Monday, January 23, 2012

Remembering to be grateful....

As i shared a video of me doing some of my
dancing in Nutcracker with Captain Tim,
he was quite impressed.

'Oh! its just you on the stage,
i dont have to pretend that i spotted you
out of all the other girls who look just the same'

And he's right,
even though i complain a lot to him about the pain
and the rehearsals
and my Russian Dictator Coach (she is well hard!)

i can be thankful that i'm not still in my last company
where i was constantly the understudy,
or in the back of the corps de ballet.

where i dont feel the need to bring a book to work as
i know that i'm going to actually be dancing in the rehearsals rather than sitting watching everybody else waiting for one of them to get sick.

Although i do miss out on all that reading time i had,
which is what i thought when i saw this picture!

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