Friday, January 27, 2012

Fragmented thoughts....

I kicked the conductor today, pretty hard, whilst warming up in the wings...
Fortunately he laughed and passed me his baton
and told me i'd have to lead the orchestra tonight....

i'm a bit nervous about my new partner for pas de trois in Swan Lake,
he's young and new and reckless,
thinks he's Baryishnikov
he is not.
he needs to hold me so i dont fall over.....

I'm not confident he will.

I went out a couple of evenings ago for dinner with friends.
it was the first time this month that i have done any form of social activity.

Realised that having social activities with friends
should happen more often so as to help me keep my sanity.

One year anniversary of the Egyptian revolution....
are things all that different?
better not get into Middle Eastern Politics,
its really not my forte.

I dreamed about eating Philadelphia Cream Cheese the other night,
it was amazing!

Better than the dream i had about George Clooney the night before.

Was pretty sad at the grocery store today when
i had to put back my tub of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
as i dint have enough cash on me and had more important things to buy.

I wont make that mistake twice.

Been loving having nightly chats with Captain Tim on skype recently,
it appears we can spend hours talking about nothing.

(as much as i'd like it to be its definitely not me in the picture....
if only....
its just one i saw on pinterest tonight and loved,
i guess i should probably start sourcing my pictures...
although if you want to think that is me, please feel free to do so....)


  1. Is that you in the photo? It's absolutely beautiful.

  2. Good luck on dancing with your partner in Swan Lake, I'm sure things will turn out fine. That is a gorgeous picture by the way.