Thursday, January 5, 2012

Behind the times....

Technologically speaking i am a Grandma.

I have a phone that is not even in colour,
and all it can do is make phonecalls...

The other day i saw a Kindle for the first time,
and i'm not kidding my reaction to it was very much akin to
an old lady trying to put a cd in a cassette palyer.

At first i thought it was a toy version of a Kindle.
I could clearly see that it had Kindle written on it,
and i am aware of what a Kindle is,
but it was so lightweight and tiny i thought it was a toy.

I tried to peel off what i thought was the sticker which had the words on it,
ie...the screen.

My sister thought i was joking at first and couldn't quite
grasp the fact that i was really that stupid.

until i started waving it around still thinking it was a plastic toy.

To which she informed me that it really was the real thing,
and that i am a Technology Grandma.

She is right.

But be it 2012
or any other year,
give me a book and a second hand book market any day.

Even if it fills up my whole luggage allowance.


  1. I have a Kindle that I love but I admit there is something awfully special about reading an actual book. I don't think books are going anywhere soon. :)

  2. I can relate! I don't know that much about technology either