Saturday, July 9, 2011

The show must go on?

The end of my first year as a dancer at The Cairo Opera Ballet is coming to a close.
One more performance to go....
it could be cancelled,
depending on whether the current protest
that is on Tahrir Square will continue or not.

Which kind of sums up what life is like here at the moment.

I constantly receive emails from my Embassy warning me
that perhaps this Friday there will be a protest and it could become dangerous.....
in fact i receive them so often i've begun to ignore them.

Also, having moved out of The Downtown area,
i no longer feel connected to the events which are happening there.
In fact on my street right now there is a live band
and street lights and a big party going on.....
not many revolutionary thoughts going on here at all.

But, I check out the news and see that the situation at Tahrir
this week seems to be hotting up again.
The change and progress the people want is slow.

Things go on,
but the Revolution and the discontent that it brought up is still around,
under the surface,
ready at any moment to resurface.

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