Friday, July 15, 2011

First Day Home In Nearly A Year......

First day back home,
i nearly didnt make it after getting lost twice in Heathrow airport....
boy oh boy....
that place has got big and confusing,

Got home and said hello to all my wee brothers
who have shot up in the past year.
The tv is broken so they acted out movies for me,
(they really know their Predator stuff)

Had a bowl of Coco Shreddies with fresh milk....

and bacon sarnie.
One of my little brothers was
moaning that it was the cheap bacon.
I tell you this,
after living may a month bacon free....
it was good stuff.

Went to organise getting some new spectacles.
Tried on a hundred pairs,
my sister talked my out of ones they thought looked awful
into ones they thought looked only slightly awful.
(Have to wait a week to get them as apparently
they dont keep the super thick milk-bottle lenses in stock.)

I could do with a pair of these bad boys...

and most exciting of all, arrived home to a surprise package

I'm a bit nervous to use it as the film is soooo expensive
(anyone know where to buy it cheap)

but the note from the gift giver said -

" I remember you REEEeeeeeeeAAAAllllly desperately wanted a polaroid,
so I thought you needed one,
I nearly didn't buy it when I found out how much the film costs -
But then I thought you would like the surprise
more than the practicalities."

Oh how i love a good surprise......

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