Saturday, July 23, 2011

a Polaroid Betrayal....

i have returned it to the shop.

i feel terrible,
i've wanted one for so long,
but in reality its just not worth it
and i've traded it in for the Fuji Instax Mini.

I loved my little camera
(ok its not so little its built like a brick)
but the fact of the matter is that the new film is so expensive and so unreliable.

I met my friend who i hadnt seen in a long time,
and had carted the camera all the way down to London in order to take a photo with him,
only for it be so bleached out that we are unrecognisable.

i like the idea of having an actual Polaroid camera
but i'd also like something that can actually capture the memories....

So fingers crossed the Fuji will fair me better.

i also felt pretty awful as i had to phone up my gift giver
and ask if they minded if i traded in their gift....

what awful person trades in such a thoughtful gift....

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