Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shabby Apple Non-Giveaway....

I'm not a big blogger,
and must of the time i dont really care.
I keep this blog as a sort of mini diary of sorts,
seeing as i'm so crap at keeping a real one.

But there are times when i wish i was a
fancy blogger with a gazillionfollowers,
cause then Shabby Apple might get in touch with me
to do one of their giveaways and get a dress for free in the process.

And i superduperly want this dress for my
upcoming sailing trip on the Black Sea....

I'm mean,
what is a sailing trip on a fancy yacht with out a super cute sailors dress....

oh well,
never mind....


  1. Love this post. I write my blog for a similar reason but secretly wish I was more creative to have more followers.

  2. Yeah wouldn't that be great, and then maybe this would be a giveaway you could attend even if you don't live in the USA!

  3. Oh, this dress is so cute! I did a giveaway for it on my blog just recently... Unfortunately, I didn't get a free dress myself - just one for the winner - alas!