Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rainy days......

As i left the house early yesterday morning to catch the bus down to London it was raining.
An ordinary occurance for Scotland, nothing out of the norm....
but it was the first proper rain i'd seen in almost a year.
It made me exceedingly excited.

After a rotten 9 hour journey,
i was greeted at the station by my lovely buddy buddy steven,
who took me to the new M and M's store in Leicester
(by detour of Buckingham Palace.....
he wasnt quite sure why i was so excited by Buckingham Palace
seeing as i used to live pretty much down the road from it a year back....
which he had to remind me as i had forgotten,
that seems so long ago)

The M&M's store was ridiculous.
4 floors dedicated to m&m tack....
but the punters seemed to be loving it....

And now i'm just chilling,
folding wedding invitations at my sisters house
whilst the rain pours down outside,

i love it

seeing as i couldnt find my camera to take
any pictures of some actual London sights
(ie lots of different coloured mandm's)

here are some engagement photos of the happy couple

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