Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things that make me shiny.....

Since i arrived in Italy the littlest things have been making me exceedingly excited

yellow bananas
(i'm not kidding i thought they were fake they were the perfect shade of yellow)

the ability to drink water straight from the tap

being able to see the stars at night,

seeing my first snow of the winter
(even if it was all slushy and black at the side of the road)

jacuzzi bubblebaths



slovenian pizza

visiting old friends

fresh unpolluted air

going grocery shopping and being allowed to put all my favourite things
in the basket because i am a homeless refugee

fresh milk with my cereal

going shopping to buy a winter jumper


not being covered in a layer of sand all the time

freshly squeezed lemonade

and yet as i watch the news and see that things
aren't getting any better, i feel sad.
i want to go back.
To my horrible old apartment where nothing ever works.
To being over-worked in rehearsals.
To Egypt.

Because i had started to make a life there,
and here i am in limbo.

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