Monday, February 21, 2011

Dangling the Carrot....

Due to my current life instability
(yes all aspects of my life are either volatile or crumbling at the moment)
I went to an audition today...
aka a ballerinas job interview.

I should have been suspicious from the start when i had to pay to go,
but being slightly desperate i went along anyway.

I should have followed my instincts, as this was one of those
companies that preys on the desperate dancers.
I hate those kind of companies.
So even though i'm meant to be going back tomorrow for part 2
(that i've already paid for) i jumped on a train instead and left.
Which is a bit scary, as i feel very rude,
maybe its the British coming out in me,
we are always so polite.

But here is my stance....
Out of a company of 15 dancers only 5 are paid.
the rest rely on fundings from the 'bank of mum and dad'

She sat me down and told me how she saw potential in me
but only through special re-training with her which of course
would be unpaid as it would be my privilege....
and maybe one day i eventually she might think i'm good enough
to get a real job with her....
in my minds eye i saw her giving this speech to all the 18 year olds
fresh out of school who she has 'working' for her, excited at this opportunity.

I saw her
Dangling the carrot in front of the desperate dancer.

If she can get people to work for nothing she is never going to pay you.
You eventually get tired and demand a pay,
she brings along someone new and fresh who will fill your shoes...
for nothing.

I wanted to remind her that for the past 8 years
i've had a career in dance (in way better companies than hers)
and that if i still only in the 'potential' range then
i'm screwed seeing as my dancing career is half way over.

In my opinion it is the responsibilty of dance directors
all over the world to fight against this mistreatment towards dancers.
Just because its a hard industry to get into doesnt mean
you can take this weakness and exploit it for your own benefit and turn it into your own personal sweat shop.

Its not just the dance world that does this,
my sister with an MA in Fashion Design from a top London University
struggles with the same problem.

But it still makes me mad....
and i'm still going to rant about it,
but dont worry,
if you weren't interested you would already have stopped
reading long ago.....

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  1. It makes me a little nervous when I hear stories like this as Dance is what my daughter wishes to pursue and it is just awful the way often times they are taken advantage of. Good for you for leaving, I say!