Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I probably shouldnt post this but i will....

So here is my impromptu video that i made on valentines morning for my Valentine.
It's not very good, seeing as i dont actually know the words to the song and what not and couldnt actually get the music and video to play at the same time.

But i think it shows a little bit what i'm doing
to entertain myself whilst i'm a refugee...
(ie losing my marbles)

When i asked my Valentine if he liked it his reply was,
'i looked like i was enjoying myself and its the most
technologically advanced valentines he has ever received'

I'm going to take that as a yes.

on the downside,
looks like i may also be jobless as well as homeless...


  1. Incredibly sweet of you to do this ..
    Stopping by from Sara's ..

  2. This is adorable, who in the world would not be in love with this cutie?!
    Hi, I am new to your blog. You commented on my guest post in the Love Bytes series on Priyas blog. Thanx for the comment.
    I work with twenties and thirties every day and you remind me of them, love your spirit of adventure and ability to walk or dance thru tough stuff with a great attitude!

  3. You know...I used the lyrics of this song once with the guy I was seeing. After he read them, all he could say was, "awwww".

    It didn't end in happily ever after for me, but I hope things are amazing between you two!