Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A womans touch.....

so do you know that scene in Calamity Jane where Katy Brown turns up at Calamity's old shack in and within the time it takes to sing a tuneful song manages to transform it into a dainty little cavern -all through the magic, that of 'A Woman's touch'?

well i was thinking of this little scene a couple of times recently when i was despairing in not really possesing this so called gift of feminine creativity and craftsmanship.
For example.....

1.when i attempted to put up my Christmas decorations.
When i bought them in the shop, in my head they were going to look so pretty and was rather disappointed after putting them up to see that they looked rather meagre and pathetic. Just to prove me pathetic, half of them fell down during the first night (and probably looked better down on the floor than where i'd hung them)

2. when i tried to bake some cookies for a Christmas Dinner i was having some friends around for. On looking at the recipe i decided that, seeing as sugar was my favourite ingredient in the recipe, i would triple the amount of sugar i put in my mixture in comparism to the other ingredients. Oh Dear.....Katy Brown would never have done such a thing. My cookies ended up as a tray of roasted sugar and little else.

I like to think its inherited as i'm sure my mother doesnt particularly hold this 'gene' (dont tell her i said that)

Besides my favourite part of that scene is when Calamity Jane turns up at the end of it all covered muddy. Which just goes to show that you can try to teach this old dog new tricks....but dont get angry if i'm the muddiest in the room!!!!

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