Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Guilty Pleasures.....

My bank account has been feeling rather poorly as of late, mainly due to my over-exertion of it at Christmas time.
This means i have been exceedingly self-disciplined and not gone in ANY shops which has been tremendously hard as there were lots of things i was eyeing up to buy in the January sales, and the only way i can not spend is not to go into the shops at all as if i go inside inevitably i will buy.

Feeling very proud of my self for my skimping so well, l
ast week i made the mistake of browsing on-line....

Self-control went out the window...
.although to be fair i blame it on the friendly shop assistant.

I notoriously avoid shop assistants.
I feel that i have perfected the answer to the cheery 'can i help you' with The-non-eye-contact-move-on-quickly-sharp-and-decisive-'No', which has saved me from the peril of walking out with items the shop assistant has convinced me look ,'grea!t'
even when i know they dont.

Yet i made the fundamental mistake of emailing the online seller to ask how much it would cost for them to post to Slovenia, simply out of curiosity.....
Their reply was so friendly, nice and accommodating,
that i felt that i couldnt back out of the purchase and simply had to buy it of course so as not to be dis-courteous.

but to be honest its any old excuse really...
as i'm anxiously awaiting it in the post any day no...


  1. Ohh, it's beautiful!! I'm a sucker for nice sales assistants/online sellers too!

  2. I also avoid the sales assistants!! I don't want to be talked into buying something just because I feel obligated!