Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Mumsy!

(wee me and my mummy)

Today is my Mummys birthday....
i wont tell you how old she is or she'll have my guts for garters!

I will tell you a couple of other things about my mum though....

My Mum has 10 children....(plus our semi-adopted brother)
People often ask me, "How does she do it?"
I always reply,
"I dont know, you should ask her not me"

My Mum is a cultivator.
I was talking with a friend a while ago who asked me when did i start reading so much, and i told her i always had done ever since i could remember. i told her my mum bought me books and i read them, by the time i was 11 i had read half of Jane Austen and Gone With The Wind, by the time i was 14 i had read Les Miserable and Mill On The Floss (which i recently tried to re-read and found too difficult! but i remembered loving it when i was younger). My friend told me she wished her mum had done that for her....this is not the the only aspect of my life that she has helped to cultivate....there are too many to name

My Mum loves to give.
Whether it is her time or energy or something from her wardrobe......

(mum with some of her girlies)

My Mum is more sensible than my Dad

but sometimes she surprises us
My mum taught all her kids to love musicals....
Yes, until i was about 12 years old i did not know that any other kind of music existed.....we are all well versed on the ins and outs of broadway.

My mum is a people person.
This was something that i discovered today, as i would not ordinarily think of my mum as a people person, yet, as i was trying to find pictures of my mum to put up here i could only find ones where she is surrounded by large groups of people....and then i thought - actually that is very fitting as my mum is indeed always surrounded by people who she can share her love with.

In the words of Abe....
"No man is poor who has a Godly mother."
Abraham Lincoln


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  1. That is one of the most wonderful things I have ever read. You are and always will be my little Princess. You know me well better than your father!!
    Love you to pieces
    THANKYOU what a wonderful present <3