Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A List of Demands to a Smuggler.....

Captain Tim is returning from his recent sojourn in the UK and called
to ask if i'd like anything brought over.
Silly Boy!.....The rest of the conversation proceeded with me
interrupting him every two seconds with things that popped into my head
that i want smuggled into Slovenia

So he told me to write a prioritised list (reminding me that
he only has one bag which also has to contain his own belongings)

Here is what i came up with....

1.ibuprofen muscle gel


3.strawberry/cherry pop tarts

4.stuffing mix

5.instant chicken gravy granules

6.porridge oats

7.time out chocolate bar(any cadburys chocolate really)

8.Klear Floor Shine (for hardening my pointe shoes)

9.Pink Radox bubble bath

10. Gold bars (biscuits)

11.Mr. Kiplings French Fancies
(which was added after reading this post)

Did i miss anything important?
What would you ask for?


  1. Ha ha! When I lived in Slovenia I always got my mum to regularly post me over some Tetley tea! I could only ever find english breakfast tea at my local Noc in Dan, which never quite tasted as good as a cup of good old Tetley! x

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