Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Umbrellas in the snow.....

When i first moved here my Austrian flat mate and i used to find it hilarious that Slovenes whip out there umbrellas when its snowing.

And yet yesterday i found myself returning to my house to retrieve my umbrella to protect me from the heavy snowfall and stop me getting all snowy-wet.....its very practical dont-ya-know.

If only i could pick up their language quite so easily.....


  1. Ha ha, I noticed that too about the Slovenes and their umbrella obsession!!

    And completely understand about the language. When I was there, I, for a while, only managed to learn how the say the number four. My friends found it funny how everytime I went to the fruit and veg market near the three bridges, that I would always return with four of everything!! Thankfully I finally found my way with numbers...

  2. oh dear,
    you should have seen me attempt to do the New Years Countdown.....i cant count backwards yet!

  3. It always looks so weird to me when people do that, but it really is so practical!