Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Lights....

Finally got round to seeing the Christmas Lights and Market in Center Ljubljana. Every year there are new ones which they simply add rather than replacing so there is a large mix of different themes which all clash....i love it!!!
This year seems to be the year of the giant cubes.....

Although a few of them need explaining.....
what does this one look like to you?

If you say and egg with sperm around it you would be right.
When these lights were designed there was a competition and these were chosen as they represented birth and the new year.......

along with that theme is the Giant DNA strand

and yes these are not pretty comets but giant intergalactic sperm
You also wouldnt find any red lights as it reminded them too much of communism,
but this year i see that a few have begun to sneak in!


  1. Oh, this brought back some lovely memories, especially seeing the bridges in the background!


    ps: I definitely see a sperm and egg! Those Slovenes and their sense of humour!!