Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Sis!!!!!!

At one point when we were growing up my dad decided to use a parenting technique he had heard about on us, it was this, that whenever we were fighting he would separate us (we usually resorted to hair-pulling) and make us each say one nice thing about each other.

Unfortunately this technique back-fired when i discovered a loop hole. Everytime we had to say something nice i always came up with,

"ummmm, she has nice hair."

I'm pretty sure my dad never noticed that i only ever had one nice thing to say...but it sure did drive my sister crazy! Needless to say his one attempt at any sort of parenting technique put an end to all 'techniques' in the future. so i thought i'd redeem myself a little bit and write some things i like about my Big Sister....

1. She is me that is a good thing.

2. She taught me how to appreciate vintage.

3.She works in a vintage store, which is now appreciated

4.She taught me to appreciate 80's movies and music.

5.She is a trend setter.....always cottons onto new fashions that little bit before they're means she is often saying ,'i told you so' to the minions.
6.If i'm having a bad day, she is the first person i want to call.

7.She lived with me for 2 years in a tiny bunk bed apartment in london and never tried to strangle me once.....that makes her hardcore!

8.She never gives up.

9.She tries her hardest to be a great role model for all her little brothers and sisters.

10.She is great to have late night chats with.

11.She has the perplexing ability to make any crying child smile.....or fall asleep within seconds.

12.She understands explanations needed.

ohhh.....and she has nice hair....


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  1. Aww that's an awesome post and great pics.
    Happy (belated) Birthday to your sis!