Thursday, December 3, 2009

A French Affair.....(with cake soup)

i went to my French friends birthday last night, and for no reason at all decided to go in disguise as a Frenchman to keep him he doesnt know any other Frenchies here in Ljubljana.

It was alright though as during the evening a couple of others popped in for a few moments to say hello....

there was Monsieur Pierre, artist/detective extrordinaire...

and Madame Coco....the Can Can girl from down the road.

Here is my favourite gift that he recieved that night which i was jealous of and wanted to steal. It is a CD entitled '33 najlepse pesme o Tito' which roughly translates as 'the 33 most beautiful songs about Tito' (the former Communist Dictator of Yuogolslavia, R.I.P)

and of course there was cake....which was served with a ladel which i think technically makes it cake soup....

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