Wednesday, December 23, 2009


My new pet tortoise
Her real name is Princess Florentine the Third but she has told me that she prefers to go by the nickname of Del-Boy. (like from Only Fools and Horses)

I have been visiting her in the pet shop for a few months now, promising her that one day i would come in and take her home with me. I was having a Christmas dinner party at the weekend and decided that she should be the guest of honour. I walked into the pet shop and said to the asisstant,
'I would like to buy this pet tortoise'
She quesitoned me,
'What, now?'
She had seen me on many an occasion in which i had proceeded to grill her on the ins and outs of tortoises.
'Yip', declared I, 'today is the day'

and now Del-Boy is at home with me
and i wont be alone for Christmas!

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