Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A spooky Christmas Carol

(the german poster version but personally i like it best!)

I managed to persuade some friends to go see the new Christmas Carol movie, surprisingly it was easier to do than i thought.
Boy, oh, boy did i enjoy it.
It was a lot darker than i thought it was going to be, a bit more nitty gritty Dickens style than the cheerful Christmas movie i was expecting. In fact at one point i got carried away and let out a large shriek! when the ghost appeared, the guy sitting next to me asked me (whilst the whole row was laughing at my shriek!)
"didnt i know what the story was about"
"why yes"
replied i,
"only i've only ever seen the Muppets version and it aint no way near as scary as this"

On the upside i am a huge fan of the horror movie genre and feel very upset when i leave a horror film without having jumped once, so was pleasantly content to leave a Christmas genre movie with a surprise 'horror jump' in it.

My only regret - that i didnt see it in 3d.

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  1. Ha ha, I always scream at horror movies - am such a chicken! We are going to see that movie soon, so I better prepare myself for the scary bits!!