Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Under Cairo Curfew

So here i am again, under curfew.

Although this time i just dont have quite the
same fear factor as i had back in January.
Sure things are crazy down at Tahrir,
but i no longer liver in that area,
and in the area where i live now (about half an hour away)
life is going on as normal.

Well i say normal,
i havent been to work in 3 days,
because of its proximity to Tahrir.

In fact,
i'm more annoyed about the fact that i haven't had
any water in my apartment for the last 4 days
(unconnected to any protest problems)

I just wonder how much longer Egypt is going to
keep ebbing and flowing in this violent way.

I really dont know enough about Egyptian politics
to be able to make any sound comments on the situation here....

but i do know that nobody can want
to continually live in this type of unrest.

1 comment:

  1. Hope you make the best of the a bad situation, and really hope you will have the water back in your apartment really soon.