Monday, November 28, 2011


So after 6 nights of crippling headaches
i finally went to the doctor last night.

I kept putting it off hoping that i would just get better au natural,
but i gave up hope and am now waiting for the drugs to kick in.

Besides i'm uber bored at home.
Work started back yesterday and seeing as i havent
gotten out of bed in a week my muscles are wasting away.

When i mentioned this to my friend who
drove me to the doctors yesterday she was
a bit surprised that i would feel like a week off
work would make such a difference to my body.

Ordinarily not so much ,
but i'm working on the solo for Spanish in the Nutcracker
at the moment and it requires a lot of stamina and strength.
When i took a few days off the other week it
did take a few days before i was up to par again....
and i dont like dancing under par!

Although i have been enjoying

its so beautiful.....

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