Sunday, November 6, 2011

A different kind of Halloween?....

So facebook has been filled with Halloween this week.
Pumpkins and crazy costumes everywhere.

There is very little Halloween here at all,
on the other hand this week see's one of the big Muslim holidays.

One of the main things that happens during these days is that a sheep/goat is sacrificed.
So popping up all over town are little makeshift barns where you can come and pick your sheep.
i guess its a bit like us having a turkey for Christmas but having to do the killing part yourself rather than just picking it up from Tescos.

In fact, i even went into one supermarket where
next to the Pringles they had set up a mini stall with a couple
of baby lambs that you could pick up and put in your trolley if you so desired.

Most of the mini barns are set up right next to the butchers though....
who have been working over time in the last week.

I havent left the house yet today as i've heard that this
morning is the big sacrificing morning and the streets can be filled with blood.

Real blood,
not the red corn syrup type...
i guess that's kind of Halloweeenish

at any rate,
Happy Holidays....


so i did leave the house for a couple of minutes and witnessed -
-2 cows lying down tied up about to have their throats slit
- a sheep being hacked up with an axe
- a stall full of animal heads
-various random animal limbs all over the street
- pools of blood
-a terrible stench

i quickly decided to return home to see the
cows had already been skinned and beheaded

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