Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pretty Dresses....

Its not so cold here (still warmer than a Scottish summer)
but i've been feeling a bit poorly so decided to wrap up warm this morning.

As in donning a pair of jeans, and wearing boots instead of sandals.

On my walk to the Metro station one of the local shopkeepers shouted out to me.

'Where are your pretty dresses? I like your pretty dresses.'

It made me laugh.
Being pretty much the only 'white' (blonde/blue) girl living in a pretty Egyptian area
sometimes i feel like a bit of a celebrity.

i really don't make that much effort with my clothes styling here,
because most of the time i'm trying to be as incognito as possible,
seeing as the blonde/blue thing gets me enough unwanted attention all by itself

but i do like my pretty dresses.....

1 comment:

  1. i grew up in a foreign country and know how it feels to be noticed because of being white :) i got used to it, eventually. LOVE the dress in that photo. it's beautiful :)